So, we set out to design a system that was not only durable and made of the best material for the job, but also one that would keep productions cost down. We keep our costs to a minimum and we pass the savings along to you.



Only the highest food grade stainless steel, HDPE plastics and tubing are used in our systems. We wanted to build a system that not only looks good and functions great, but is extremely durable; all of the material we use is top of the line.



The Micro Filling Brewery was designed with the single worker in mind: our system requires the most minimal amount of handling per bottle filled. The height of the heads are adjustable to fit a variety of bottle sizes and even growlers.


A few years ago we set out to start a brewery and, like so many of you, we were on a very tight budget. Rent, remodeling costs, licensing and permits, ingredients and all the various pieces of equipment and fittings were all chewing into what was becoming a rapidly shrinking source of funds. We were constantly faced with the need to pay for one thing which would mean downsizing another or not being able to acquire it at all! That brings us to bottling. Next to serving beer in your own tap room by the pint or growler, only bottling and canning beer has comparable profit margins. However! Canning lines are almost impossibly expensive for the startup brewery, mobile canning units are not readily available and even the smallest semi-automated bottling units start at around $7000.

A significant cost for a new brewery who’s just trying to hold on to enough capital to upgrade from a nano to a micro or a 7BBL to a10BBL kettle or buy just one more brite tank. So, faced with these same issues ourselves, we set out to build a manual counter pressure filling machine. The system would maximize the time and efforts of a single person while at the same time keep costs as low as possible and have a small enough footprint, it could easily picked up and stored away while not in use. That’s when Micro Filling Systems was born. Our initial prototypes were just what you’d expect from a handy DIY home brewer. It wasn’t long before we realized what we had, if refined a bit, could be the saving grace for so many of us out there just struggling to get the doors open.


“Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.”

{Henry Lawson}

Product Specifications

  • 4 head manual counter pressure bottle filler with individual actuating stainless steel filler heads.*
  • 3 way stainless steel valves with purge, fill and off positions.
  • Stainless steel pressure relief valves to fine tune filling rates.
  • Easily removable stainless drip tray with barbed drain fitting for tube attachment.
  • HDPE mounting points to allow unit to be clamped or bolted to any desired surface.
  • Food grade liquid and gas lines with stainless fittings and tees.
  • Attachable to any carbonated beer, gas and cleaning solution source using many standard fittings.
  • Fully adjustable height control to allow filling of many different bottle sizes (or even growlers!)
  • Units are easily disassembled for servicing or additional cleaning.

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Increase in Craft Beer Sold in 2013 17.2%
Increase in Export Craft Beer Sold in 2013 49%
Decrease in Import Craft Beer Sold in 2013 1%


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